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It's getting hot and this is the first-ever Avocado Daily, so have these conversations whilst wearing the new Glossier invisible shield sunscreen.

_On Trump With Russia 
Of course you can be tired of the Trump's repeated deep dives into vanity and scandal, but you might also be excited. Now are stories behind stories that might bring investigative journalism to a height reminiscent of when the Washington Post uncovered Nixon's world of scandal.

Comey didn't want to build a personal relationship with Trump, but was fired for reasons that conflicted between members of the White House. Trump seemed to want to end the investigations Comey was leading into ties between Russia and the White House because he felt "great pressure" from the investigations. All of this implies that Trump does have a few backend deals with Russia that he doesn't want to reveal.

Trump might also start to become dangerous. Last week, the Washington Post revealed that he disclosed extremely confidential information with Russian ambassadors concerning an Israeli counterterrorism operation.  Because of this breach, the intelligence community might start saying, "Bye, Felicia" to the US government, causing the US to be left out of receiving vital information.

If Trump news gives you a headache, too, here is the timeline of just the essential things to know.

_On Trump in Europe
The world cringes as Trump makes his way through Europe to meet with NATO leaders. Trump refused to explicitly endorse NATO's mutual defense pledge, claiming that the US should be reimbursed for "chronic underpayments." Then, he pushed aside the prime minister of Montenegro with what appeared to be a goal of standing front and center in a group photo. This is the video that's worth thirty seconds of your life. Trump will end his trip overseas with a G7 meeting in Sicily. The New York Times called this area a hotspot for "aging playboys and affluent Russians." Fitting for Trump and worrying for the world, which awaits Trump's decisions and role in discussing world economics. (It's all very promising; Trump has bankrupted a record number of businesses in his past.)

Speaking of leaks, England says that America has a penchant for leaking private information. This came after American newspapers published sensitive information concerning the bombing in Manchester (the Ariana Grande concert). American newspapers are defending themselves under the First Amendment.

_On the Iranian Elections
After the world temporarily shifted to the extreme in politics (observe: Trump in the US, Marine Le Pen's prominence in the French elections, and the rise of other alt-right parties in numerous other countries), the alt-right seem to be receiving a backlash. In Iran, the moderate candidate Hassan Rouhani won the Iranian elections by great margin. He will now serve his second term as Iran's president. His plans include: expanding personal freedoms, opening Iran's lagging economy to global investors and breaking all the sanctions against Iran.

_On the Cannes Film Festival
It just occurred, and here is what your favorite dream girls wore. (To feel like you're as much of a style highlight as they are, try this badly-photographed but cool-girl number by Alexander Wang.) Also, Netflix stepped up to Cannes.

_The Theory
As your face is young, wear your hair messy, and when it is old, wear your hair neat. For balance.

_To Listen While Crossing the Road
If you're in a bad mood and can't explain it, listen to The xx for mellow satisfaction, and if you're in a good mood that you never want to end, play Can't Stop the Feeling

_To Read On the Subway
Old School.


_To Know
Group of 7 (G7): An annual summit of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. These countries work together to assess global economic policies.
NATO: Stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It's a military alliance that also works to have cohesive trading policies. The NATO headquarters are in Brussels, Belgium, and its founders include the US, France, Canada, Italy and Norway.

Space is testing our endurance but new pictures of Jupiter say it's worth it. Share Avocado Theory with the girl who's worth tons to you.

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