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Because it's so ridiculous that it doesn't even deserve the attention of its own story, a reaction to Betsy DeVos' fixation with grizzly bears: ... really? And on Donald Trump's mission to rid the world of all the press that doesn't sing his accolades: sad!
I'm asking myself what the point of a president even is anymore. It's sad that people make jokes about Trump just now coming out of the trance of sedatives; it's as if the presidency has no social gravitas or meaning anymore. I'm pretty sure people are actually considering voting for Kanye in 2020 in another act of "defiant rebellion."
Anyways, the rundown is that in a bizarre, vengefully-satisfying turn of events, Mike Pence has been caught up in an email scandal, Donald Trump is not one but several shades of orange, and Betsy DeVos has been given a position as secretary of education. If the implications weren't so grim, I would even count Donald Trump's active efforts to block the press as satisfying chaos that simply proves why any other person but Donald should have been president. And, most importantly, Angela Merkel's expressions during her meeting with Trump are ideal meme material and a true opportunity for a case study on masterfully hiding how much you're cringing. Or maybe on how to not even hide it that much.  I just really hope Germany pulls through in these elections as much as the Netherlands did.
But what really made me double take - and Chancellor Merkel too - was Trump's decisive claim that it was a Fox legal expert who said that Obama wiretapped Trump's campaign. First, it's ridiculous that the press has fallen into Trump's obvious attempts to distract from foreign complications, and has spun into an irrelevant story of no proof into a nationwide scandal and speculation. The press has already done enough free legitimizing of the Trump campaign, and it doesn't take an MIT analysis to notice this. Second, even Fox, Trump's megaphone and biggest supporter, couldn't ignore the blatant lie in this one. They released a statement saying they had nothing to do with the wiretapping.
What is the press doing? What is Trump doing?

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